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His Beatitude Dr. DANIEL
Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

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Biography :

patrh1.JPGHis Beatitude Daniel Ciobotea, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, was born on July 22, 1951, in Dobreşti-Bara, Timiş County, as the third child in the family of the teacher Alexie and Stela Ciobotea. He attended primary school in the native village (1958-1962), Dobreşti, secondary school in Lăpuşnic (1962-1966), Timiş County. In 1966, he attended high school in the town of BuziaşInstitute of Theology in Sibiu (1970-1974), where he graduates with a thesis in New Testament. and then in Lugoj, at the „Coriolan Brediceanu” High School (1967-1970). After the baccalaureate examination, he enrols at the


During 1974-1976, he enrols in the doctorate programme at the Institute of Theology in Bucharest, within the Systematic Theology Department, under the guidance of Rev. Professor Dumitru Stăniloae. He continues the studies abroad: two years at the Faculty of Protestant Theology – University of Human Sciences in Strasbourg (France) and two years at the „Albert Ludwig” University in Freiburg im Breisgau, the Faculty of Catholic Theology (Germany).


On June 15, 1979, he presents the doctoral thesis at the University of Strasbourg, called: Réflexion et vie chrétiennes aujourd'hui. Essai sur le rapport entre la  théologie et la spiritualité (424 p.). The thesis was prepared under the guidance of two famous French professors: Gerard Ziegwald and André Benoît, receiving the maximum grade. He became Theology Doctor of the University of Strasbourg. An extended version of this thesis was prepared under the guidance of his mentor, Rev. Professor Dumitru Stăniloae, and was presented on the October 31, 1980, at the Institute of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest, entitled: Theology and Christian Spirituality. The connection between them and the present situation. After the presentation of the thesis, the Doctorate candidate Dan Ilie Ciobotea was awarded the title of Doctor in Orthodox Theology, also with the maximum grade.


Rev. Professor Dumitru Stăniloae declared then: “The examination of the thesis proved to the Commission that it has before it a well prepared candidate, well informed and, most of all, striving to live a theological life of spiritual deepness. We need this kind of people, persons who live in the teaching of our Church. The true spirituality of the priest of today is this: to live in such a way that he can respond to the questions of the human person of today, but to still remain a true priest. With a clergy without theological culture and without the conscience of the dignity and sublime mission of priesthood, the faithful people will become alienated from the Church”.


In 1987, he enters the monastic life at the Sihastria Monastery, Neamţ County, with the name Daniel, under the spiritual guidance of his monastic godfather, Reverend Archimandrite Cleopa Ilie. He is ordained hierodeacon on August 14, 1987 and hieromonk on August 15, 1987. In 1988 he is blessed protosingel and appointed Patriarchal Counsellor, Director of the Department of Contemporary Theology and Ecumenical Dialogue. The same year he became junior professor within the Department of Christian Mission at the Orthodox Theological Institute of Bucharest.


He is chosen auxiliary bishop of the Timişoara Archdiocese, and ordained bishop on March 4, 1990. On June 17, 1990 he is chosen Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina. The enthronement took place on July 1, 1990. A rich pastoral-missionary, cultural and social-charitable activity ensued, between 1990-2008, in the new office of Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina.


On September 12, 2007, the Church Electoral College has elected him Archbishop of Bucharest, Metropolitan of Wallachia and Dobrudja, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church and locum tenens of the see of Caesarea Cappadocia.


Offices and Memberships:


·               1980-1988 – Lecturer at the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Geneva (Switzerland) and associate professor in Geneva and Fribourg  (Switzerland)

·               1988 – Patriarchal Counsellor, Director of the Department of Contemporary Theology and Ecumenical Dialogue

·               1988 – Junior Professor of Christian Mission at the Institute of Orthodox Theology - Bucharest

·               1990 (March) – Elected and ordained Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Timişoara

·               1990 (June) – Elected Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina

·               Professor of Theology at the Orthodox Theological Faculty „Dumitru Stăniloae” within the „Al. I. Cuza” University – Iaşi (1992-2007)

·               President of the National Commission for Religious Education of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church

·               President of the Theological and Liturgical Commission of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church

·               Member of the Executive and Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (Geneva, 1991-1998)

·               Member of the Presidium and of the Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches (since 1990)

·               Vice President of the 2nd General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches (Graz, 1997)

·               Member of the International Academy of Religious Sciences (Bruxelles) (since 2000)

·               Honorary President of the "Omenia" International Foundation

·               Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest (since 2007)

Awards and titles:


·               The Order “Faithful Service”, Great Cross grade, offered by the President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, Bucharest, 2000

·               The Prize “Pro Humanitate” offered by the European Foundation for Culture “Pro Europa” (Freiburg im Breisgau), Berlin, Germany, 2002

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the „Sacred Heart” Catholic University, Fairfield, ConnecticutU.S.A., 2003

·               Honorary Senator of “Lower Danube” University, Galaţi, 2003

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the „George Enescu” Art UniversityIaşi –January 14, 2006

·               National Order “Star of Romania”, Great Cross grade, offered by the President of Romania, Traian Băsescu, Bucharest, September 30, 2007

·               Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy (December 17, 2007)

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, November 29, 2008

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the “December 1st, 1918” University of Alba Iulia, November 30, 2008

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the “Aurel Vlaicu” University in Arad, December 5, 2008

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the “Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, December 6, 2008

·               Doctor Honoris Causa of the “Saint Serge” Institute of Orthodox Theology, Paris, July 9, 2009


Educational and cultural activities:


I) Founder of Institutions:


·               The „Dumitru Stăniloae” Orthodox Theological Faculty (reactivated), Iaşi - 1990

·               The Righteous Paraskeve Orthodox Theological High School, Agapia - 1991

·               The St. George Orthodox Theological High School, Botoşani - 1992

·               The St. Ioan Jacob Orthodox Theological High School Dorohoi - 1993

·               The Theological Sanitary School, Piatra Neamţ - 1993

·               The St. Ioan of Neamţ Orthodox Academy, Neamţ Monastery - 1993

·               The Righteous Paraskeve Theological Sanitary School, Iaşi - 1994

·               The T.A.B.O.R. Metropolitan Research Centre - 1994

·               The Saint Daniel the Hermit Cultural Pastoral Centre, Durău - 1995

·               The „Dumitru Stăniloae” Ecumenical Library, Iaşi - 1995

·               The Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Theological Seminary, Iaşi - 1995

·               The Holy Emperors Constantine and Helen Orthodox Theological High School, Piatra Neamţ - 1996

·               The St. Nicholas Ecumenical and Social-Pastoral Institute, Iaşi - 1997

·               The TRINITAS Cultural-Missionary Institute (the TRINITAS Publishing House, Printing House and Radio), Iaşi - 1997

·               The Centre for Conservation and Restoration of the Religious Patrimony „Resurrectio” – 1998

·               TRINITAS TV station, Iaşi – 2007

·               The BASILICA Press Centre, which includes TRINITAS Radio, TRINITAS TV, the Ziarul Lumina (The Light) daily, the BASILICA News Agency and the Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate – 2008

·               The BASILICA Publishing House of the Romanian Patriarchate – 2008

·               The “Cuvântul Vieţii” (Word of Life) Publishing House of the Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrudja – 2008


II) Founder of publications:


·               „Vestitorul Ortodoxiei” (Orthodoxy Herald), periodical of Church information, theology and spirituality of the Romanian Patriarchate (1990)

·               „Candela Moldovei” (The Lamp of Moldavia), the official bulletin of the Metropolitanate of Moldavia and Bukovina

·               „Teologie şi Viaţă” (Theology and Life), journal of reflection and spirituality (Iaşi, 1992)

·               “Ziarul Lumina” (The Light), the first Christian daily newspaper in Romania

·               „Vestitorul Ortodoxiei” (Orthodoxy Herald), new series, 2008

·               “Studia Basiliana”, a collection dedicated to the Memorial Year of St. Basil the Great and of all Cappadocian Saints (2009)


III) Organiser of 29 de symposia, colloquia, congresses and expositions.


IV) Initiator, supporter and coordinator of 14 social, cultural and educative programs.


Social-charitable activities:


Founder and active supporter of institutions:

·               St. Panteleimon Dental Office, Iaşi - 1993

·               The Association of Orthodox Doctors and Pharmacists of Romania, Iaşi - 1993

·               The „Diaconia” Social-Charitable Department, Iaşi - 1994

·               Canteens for poor people in Iaşi, Paşcani, Dorohoi, Hârlău - 1993-1995

·               The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Medical Clinic, Iaşi - 1998

·               „Providenţa” (Providence) Diagnose and Treatment Centre, Iaşi - 2000

·               „Solidaritate şi Speranţă” (Solidarity and Hope) Foundation, Iaşi - 2002

·               „Providenţa II” Centre for Medical Education and Information, Iaşi - 2002

·               „Diaconia” Social Charitable Institute, Iaşi - 2003

·               St. Paisie of Neamţ Social-Cultural Centre, Neamţ Monastery - 2004

·               Prophet Elijah Social-Cultural Centre, Miclăuşeni Monastery, 2005


Liturgical and missionary activities:



a. The bringing of the relics of saints in Iaşi and in the subsidiary dioceses of the Metropolitanate of Moldavia and Bukovina:


·               1992 – a fragment of the wood of the Holy Cross preserved at the Xiropotamu Monastery, Mount Athos  – Greece

·               1996 – the relics of Holy Apostle Andrew, from Patras – Greece

·               2000 – the relics of Holy and Great Martyr George from Livadia – Greece and the relics of Holy Hierarch Basil the Great and Saint Gregory the Theologian from Bucharest

·               2001 – the Sash of the Holy Virgin from VolosGreece

·               2002 – the relics of Saint John Cassian from Marseille– France

·               2003 – the relics of Saint Dimitrios, the Myrrh-streamer, from ThessalonikiGreece

·               2004 – fragment of the wood of the Holy Cross preserved in the Panaghia Soumela Monastery, Veria – Greece

·               2005 – the relics of the Holy Apostle Paul from Veria – Greece

·               2006 – the relics of Saint Nectarios from Egina – Greece


b. The bringing of holy relics in Bucharest:


·               2007 – the relics of St. John Chrysostom

·               2008 – the relics of Holy Apostle Paul from Veria – Greece

·               2008 – the relics of St. Sophronius, patriarch of Jerusalem


II)        He set the foundation stone of the new Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest, with the fest days of Holy Apostle Andrew and Ascension of the Lord in 2007.

Between 2007-2008, through the care and direct supervision of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, the current Patriarchal Cathedral was fully consolidated, restored and endowed.


III)      He initiated the program No Village without a Church and without Parish House.

He founded over 300 parishes, 40 monasteries and sketes, 5 deaneries (Iaşi I, Darabani, Săveni, Roznov and Ceahlău) and he initiated and supported the building of over 250 new churches.


IV)      He participated at 120 symposia, congresses, conferences, colloquia or national and international assemblies.


Scientific and publishing activities:


I) Books:


    A. Published:


·               „Atât de mult a iubit Dumnezeu lumea...” 12 Scrisori pastorale de Crăciun şi Paşti, (“So God loved the world” – 12 pastoral letters for Christmas and Easter), Trinitas, Iaşi, 1996, 97 p.

·               Confessing the Truth in Love: Orthodox Perceptions on Life, Mission and Unity, Trinitas, Iaşi, 2001, 258 p.

·               Făclii de Înviere –  Înţelesuri ale Sfintelor Paşti (Candles of Resurrection – Meanings of Easter), Trinitas, Iaşi, 2005, 183 p.

·               Dăruire şi dăinuire. Raze şi chipuri de lumină din istoria şi spiritualitatea românilor (Self-giving and enduring. Light Rays and Faces in the History and Spirituality of Romanian People), Trinitas, Iaşi, 2005, 439 p.

·               Daruri de Crăciun – înţelesuri ale sărbătorii Naşterii Domnului (Gifts for Christmas – Meanings of the Feast of Nativity), Trinitas, Iaşi, 2005, 138 p.

·               Brâncuşi. Sculptor creştin ortodox (Brancusi – Orthodox Christian Sculptor), Trinitas, Iaşi, 2007, 88 p.

·               Comori ale Ortodoxiei. Explorări în spiritualitatea liturgică şi filocalică, (Treasures of Orthodoxy. Explorations in the Liturgical and Philokalic Spirituality), Trinitas, Iasi, 2007, 450 p.

·               Foame şi sete după Dumnezeu - înţelesul şi folosul postului (Hunger and Thirst for God – the Meaning and Usefulness of Fasting), Basilica, Bucharest, 2008, 220 p.

·               La joie de la fidélité, Cerf, Paris, 2009, 432 p.

·               Misiune pentru mântuire. Lucrarea Bisericii în societate, Basilica, Bucureşti, 2009


    B. Currently being published:


·               Ştiinţa mântuirii - Studii de teologie socială şi misionară (The Science of Salvation – Studies in Social and Missionary Theology), 350 pages;

·               Teologie şi Spiritualitate (Theology and Spirituality) (doctoral thesis, 372 pages);

·               Păstorul Cel Bun - Cateheze şi omilii, (The Good Shepherd – Catecheses and Homilies)  450 pages;

·               Fais l’oeuvre de l’Evangeliste (articles of Orthodox spirituality and Christian mission in French) 215 pages.


    II) Translations:


·        Rev. Dumitru Stăniloae, Le génie de l’Orthodoxie. Introduction, Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 1985, col. Théophanie.


    III) Other publications:


·        52 booklets;

·        over 900 articles, studies, presentations, introductions in Romanian;

·        45 articles and studies written in French;

·        36 articles and studies written in English;

·        19 articles and studies written in German;

·        14 articles and studies published in other languages.



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